Mission Trips

We have regular team trips to communities locally and overseas (particularly to the pacific islands).  These trips involve medical clinics on  remote palm fringed beaches in  out-of-the-way places; youth work with local churches and organisations; women’s and men’s workshops, sport development and school visitations.  We often live in host family situations in villages which allows a genuine cross-cultural exchange. These trips several times a year, are run by experienced leaders with strong relationships with the local people and are open to high school students, families, medical professionals, teachers and anyone with a heart to experience Christian life in another context and faith in action.  Click on the "Contact" button below if you’d like to know more about upcoming mission trips.


Humanitarian Aid

One Salt Water mobilises food, building materials and medical supplies for pacific island nations in their hour of need.  With the help of professional volunteers, schools and church groups One Salt Water can respond quickly to both widespread and localised emergencies without large administrative costs.  With our local knowledge and personal contacts we can respond faster and with more precision in a crisis. Please click on the "Contact" button below if you would like to register your skills or support with us.

Medical Clinics

One Salt Water is passionate about bringing health care to remote places with limited access to medical provision.  In some parts of the pacific, the cost of a packet of Panadol is equivalent to almost one weeks wage, and basic first aid care is very limited.  We make regular visits to communities in the islands and due to the donations from pharmacies, drug companies and individuals, we are able to have a medical team assess patients and provide them with free medication (which also includes basics such as bandages, knee supports, spectacles etc.).  Some communities we have been visiting for ten years now and as such, have been able to identify on-going health education needs.  We provide educational clinics on topics like diabetes, women’s health and infant care. We have also identified the need for disability support and dental work and hoping to expand what we can offer in these areas.  Click the "Contact" button below if you would like to know more or can contribute to these needs in any way.